Sunday, April 6, 2014

So, what's it like working with Gallo?

You can read some pretty interesting stories about working with Monsieur Gallo right here thanks so an Anonymous who sent me the link :)

Working w/ Vincent is a real challenge as he points a very bright
beacon at everyone at various times but it's w/ good intent and he
always apologized when it was uncalled for on his part. I love doing
projects w/ folks like him and they are the ones I look back on as the
most challenging to me personally as well as push me technically to
move beyond accomplishing the task at hand.


  1. comments there about "The Funeral Director" are referring to what became "Promises Written in Water."

    Interesting, about the stories how that was one movie that turned into another, and that woman who claims her movie was stolen? I wish there was more clear information on this film available.

    I'm sure he won't appreciate light shed on some gossip board about him. I imagine working with him would make someone better at a certain job or role if they could rise to the occasion. Too bad, the film making business seems incredibly obnoxious, you'd have to be very ON to coordinate all of that ie be a director.


  3. A production still of Promises:

    You're welcome!


  5. Mel! Eminem tweeted about Vincent and he got nominated for the ice bucket challenge by Rick Rubin.

  6. blog spot i told you that was genius glad to see you've come back around.

  7. finally a good and UPDATED blog for REAL GALLO FANS

  8. If you mean my blod - thanks for the nice words :) However, there haben't been that many updated due to a lack of news recently, hope things will change soon.


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