Friday, December 3, 2010

Twitter me this, twitter me that...

I personally don't really like Twitter to begin with. It's sort of weird and people either use it to exchange as if they were talking on an instant messenger (which is annoying to everyone else following them) or they only post links to articles, blogs and so on.

Anyway, the funny part about Twitter is probably that some stars do tweet. Others don't. Vincent, as you all might know by now, might.

In times of veryfied accounts and so on it's normally easy to tell if a star is twittering or not. There is one account, claiming to be le Gallo. Or being le Gallo. I personally thought it's not him, but after recent controversy I think it might be. Weird? Well, let's start at the beginning.

This account ( started quite a while ago and even though I followed it, I wasn't too sure if it was Vincent or not, actually I thought it's rather not.

Then, as I thought, Mr Gallo confirmed these thoughts by telling the New York Post he wanted this "fake twitter account" to be shut down. The weird thing is, the Post "interview" that is quoted ( sounds...odd. Can't quite grasp it, but there are only a few quotes directly by him and if you put together what he actually SAID it could - and I say could, not must! - also be simply irony or his kind of humour. Plus, if we remember - the Post and Vincent Gallo don't really share a close and kind relation so why would he tell them?

Even weirder, the Twitter Account still exists and still claims it's the real deal. There even is an interview with him to be found here that does sound a bit like Gallo to be honest.

Well, we'll probably never know the truth but in times of slow news, I'm interested to hear all your opinions on the matter - if you even care ;)